Transparency in every organization is very important. Along with transparency comes trust, and that is important in all organizations. A school board is no different; the community needs to trust that the school board is transparent with all issues big and small. Direct communication from school to community shows that everyone wants what is best for all of Sparta and its students.


One idea I would bring to the Sparta School Board is to have public meetings broadcasted on Facebook Live in real time. Also, they can be uploaded to Youtube so the public can view the meetings in video form. This would allow more people to be involved, even those with a busy schedule. By broadcasting the meetings to the public they can also experience the vibes and attitudes being projected by the public and the members of the board. This is something that cannot be replicated in transcripts. In this day and age we should take advantage of our technology to get our community more involved.


With so much of our tax dollars going into the school systems, every resident deserves the opportunity to view the meetings regardless of schedule conflicts. Putting the meeting videos online gives the residents that opportunity.


Please remember to Vote Line 1 for William Washer on November 5th