TAPintoTravels - Some of the fun travel opportunities that TAPintoTravels gets to participate in are exclusive events that the TAPinto community cannot attend.  It gives us the exclusive opportunity to bring new news to our readers that they would otherwise not receive.

Sometimes they are breaking events and other times they are quite small.  Even though some of the events seem small, they do bring great value to our readers.  In this case, we are pleased to be the first to report a wonderful product for parents of infants or toddlers.

Have you ever needed to go to a party or travel with a young one?  

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How many times did you get to enjoy a brief moment when you didn't have to be completely attentive to your child?  

Now, we are not suggesting that you are the type of parent to leave your child unattended.  This product is a completely portable playpen that is safe for your child.  It is completely portable, only two pounds, and can be carried in a small bag.

Impossible?  Not with compressed air.  Check out this exclusive video of a product that may just change your life.

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