SPARTA, NJ - Sparta public schools will remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 19, as roof inspections continue. Superintendent Dennis Tobin explains that in addition to a school engineer and personnel inspecting and evaluating the roof structures at all five of the district's schools, they will also be removing snow and ice from some of the roofs.  

Hoping to minimize the disruption to instruction, Tobin says the goal is to reopen schools on Thursday, Feb. 20. To that end, he said, "Our custodial and maintenance staff will be working around the clock to address these issues and return to our normal school schedule."

Earlier on Tuesday, a staff member at the Helen Morgan Elementary school noticed a ceiling tile bucking. Alerting the custodial staff  the tile was removed and it was found that the roof truss was compromised. Students were not in the classroom. Everyone was moved from that section of the building to the cafeteria. The decision was made to dismiss all Sparta students from school early and begin to inspect all of school district's roofs. There was no roof collapse. The school closure is a precaution until the integrity of all of the buildings is confirmed.  

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Tobin indicated he will update the school community again tomorrow.