David Gray and I are the Conservative Reform Team that will change Sussex County to a new era of reducing costs.  We will bring back the population that we lost and fix our crumbling infrastructure.

Our priorities are to retain Seniors and Veterans as well as attract Millennials.  In fact, we envision a future where Sussex County is a destination point for Seniors and Veterans and one where we can use our valuable resources to attract businesses and population.  This will increase our property values and reduce our taxes.

By using the public bidding process to enter into contracts (as opposed to closed door cronyism) – we will reduce costs and enter into smart shared services agreements.  This is how to reduce taxes; not by spending money but by saving money.

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Our Sheriff and Prosecutor need our help to keep drugs and gangs out of Sussex County and keep our homes and children safe. 

We need to push back against a State government that wants to restrict the use of our land – and not pay us for taking our property.  This hurts businesses and pushes up the foreclosure rate.  Right now, there is no push back.  We need people who will fight for Sussex County.  That is what Dave Gray and I will do once we are elected.

We stand for conservative values – property ownership, gun rights and individual liberties.  I am asking for you to vote for the Conservative Reform Team of David Gray and myself, Kathleen Gorman on Tuesday, June 7.

Kathleen Gorman

Gray and Gorman for Freeholder