Dear Editor:

One of the reasons I chose to plant my family in northwestern New Jersey eight years ago was the pristine environment, fresh air, abundant rivers, lakes and mountains, the rolling green topography, and proximity to the vast outdoor recreation areas. If you talk with residents in our communities or with realtors, owners of our local breweries and wineries, outdoor recreational businesses and family farms, they overwhelmingly agree that our unique environment and natural resources are primary reasons many choose to live, work, play and raise our children in this region.

Sadly, our current Assembly representatives Parker Space and Hal Wirths don’t agree with most residents that protecting our environment and clean air and water is critically important for safeguarding our health or strengthening our local economy.  Recently, the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters’ released their 2019 Environmental Scorecard which rates each member of the New Jersey Legislature on their votes taken to protect the environment, affecting air and water quality, open space, and the fight against climate change. Space and Wirths rank as “the top five worst in the Assembly” on conservation and protection of our environment with the lowest scores of 29%.

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Our health, natural resources, and local economy are at dire risk unless voters in Mount Olive, Sussex and Warren Counties vote for representatives who will fight to protect our environment; our health, safety and quality of life depend on it. Vote Deana Lykins and Dan Smith for State Assembly on November 5th.

Shelly Morningstar

Mount Olive Township/LD 24 constituent