To the Editor:


Barack Obama spent eight years in the White House without a single tawdry scandal.

We’re three weeks into the term of the new Republican President.  Moral and financial scandals abound.

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The hats worn by women marching in Washington the day after inauguration highlight Donald Trump’s crudeness and lack of respect for women.

But this and the other examples of unseemly public behavior by Trump and his people are only part of the scandal.  More importantly, laws have been broken.

In clear violation of Federal statutes, Kellyanne Conway publicly touted a line of clothing owned and sold by the President’s daughter. She herself described her television message as a commercial.

Flouting federal law, Trump owns, and his family continues to operate, a hotel on Federal property in Washington, DC.  He has touted the hotel as a worthwhile place to stay for foreign diplomats conducting  government business.

Trump cabinet appointee, Michael Flynn, as a private citizen, conferred with Russian representatives.  This violates Federal law.  Apparently, Flynn sought to assure Vladimir Putin that there was no reason for concern about sanctions imposed in retaliation for Russia’s interference with our presidential election. 

Despite his campaign promise, Trump continues to hide his income tax returns.  Does he fear that we’ll learn that he paid no taxes?  Does he look upon taxes like Leona Helmsley did, deeming them something that “little people” pay?  Or does he fear that an IRS audit currently underway will uncover criminal activity?

Who knows?  But one thing is obvious -- the Republican President has disdain for propriety and the niceties of law, particularly relating to conflicts of interest.  That makes it possible, perhaps likely, that an impeachable offense will come to light.  That is, of course, unless Trump uses his power to squelch investigation.  What are the odds of that happening?

Michael G. Busche