Running for the Board of Education has been a wonderful opportunity to meet so many great people. When starting my campaign I made a promise to myself and supporters that I was going to stay positive. I didn’t want to say, see, or hear anything negative about my opponents, current board members, or administration.  After November 5th when the election is over there will be three people trusted by the residents to represent our community. My goal from the beginning was to keep an open mind and if elected be able to come in and work with all new and current board members without having any animosity toward one another. Working together in an organization doesn’t always mean everyone agrees on every issue. The board should be made up of a variety of members with different strengths and personalities to make it a well-rounded team.  However, I believe the board should always respect each others opinions and differences and be able to see other perspectives to reach a common goal. 

If elected not only will I work on bringing new ideas and policies to help the school system be fiscally responsible, I will also continue to strive for academic excellence.  I promise to stay positive and open minded and to work together with the board, administration, and community to continue to make Sparta the best possible place to live and raise a family. The Sparta residents deserve this and at the end of the day we all want what is best for Sparta.  

I have listened to many ideas and concerns for the school system and I ask that you keep an open mind when casting your vote next Tuesday. I ask you to consider Voting Line 1 for William Washer and I want to thank you for listening and following these last couple months. Let’s move forward together.