Variety and independent thinking are important qualities for any company, organization, team, or board. A school board should be diverse and incorporate individuals who stand up for what they believe in, even if it is contrasting to others.  It is important for members to take into consideration the school but also the community when making their decisions and casting votes. 

Variety is what makes life interesting and exciting. My wife and I will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary this December and the thing that keeps our relationship strong is the difference and variety in our hobbies and interests. My wife is a musical theater based, creative thinking event planner; while I am an athletic, analytical thinking businessman. The traits that we are missing in our own personalities are made up by the other person. We are stronger as a team. 

If elected I plan on bringing in a fresh, independent, fiscally responsible perspective to the board of education.  I will bring new ideas and visions. If everyone has the same ideas the board’s long term vision would be one dimensional. When making decisions in my personal and professional life I have always tried to look at the big picture and listen to all sides before forming my opinion. This allows me to respect everyone’s views and make the most educated decision.  I am an independent thinker who will come to the board with an open mind and will always be thinking “Sparta First” when making my decisions. 

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I am asking the Sparta voters to think about variety when casting your votes on November 5th.  

Please remember to Vote Line 1 for William Washer!