Sparta does a great job in preparing students for college. The curriculum is up to the collegiate standards and this is great if the student wants to and is ready to further their education. However, what if college isn’t right for them? We need to make sure that all students are fully prepared to enter the real world with the necessary schooling and experience no matter what their path may be. Students need to know and be encouraged that there are other options available to them post high school. The job market is changing every day and there are a multitude of ways to define success. 

One idea that would help Sparta students is to enhance the share programs with Sussex Tech. Sparta students who do "share time" with Sussex Tech get the benefit of the Sparta curriculum but also learn a trade of their choice such as welding, plumbing, auto, or culinary. Even with taking trade classes students can still further their education in college and can come out ready and prepared to start their own small business. 

A second idea I have is to start working with local businesses to set up an internship program. This gives students’ the opportunity to work directly with local businesses to get the “real life experience.”  This would also provide the possibility of immediate hire with the internship company following high school graduation. There is no better option for real world experience than experience in the real world.  

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Another post high school option for students is the Military. So many students are opting to delay college/life a few years and serve their country. However, getting accepted into the arm forces is getting more and more competitive. Some people have to wait months or years to be accepted into their desired branch or program. Implementing a Junior ROTC program would help them advance this process. The benefits of these programs go beyond the military. They also teach students life skills such as leadership and discipline and how to manage people and situations. 

Many paths lead to success.  It is our job to lead them to those options! 

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