Under a bill (A6115/S3765) signed into law this week and sponsored by Assemblyman Hal Wirths, limited purpose regional school districts must work with their constituent school districts to coordinate calendars and analyze curriculum in order to facilitate consistency.

“This law will ensure schools work together to get students through their education successfully,” said Wirths (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris). “Students deserve seamless transitions and schools that coordinate.”

A limited purpose regional school district usually comprises upper level grades such as 7 to 12 or 9 to 12. Under the new law, the regional board must meet with their constituent districts, which educate lower grades such as K to 6 or K to 8, on an annual basis.

The bill passed both houses unanimously this year. Assemblyman Parker Space is a co-sponsor of the Assembly version and Sen. Steve Oroho co-sponsors the Senate bill