In March, I was fortunate enough to be appointed to the Sparta Township Board of Education when a seat was vacated by a sitting board member.  In six-months time, I have sat on the Board while we addressed the budget, calendar, school safety, and Chromebooks.  I have heard arguments for and against the turf field, and impassioned pleas regarding armed officers in our schools.  I have watched as students organized to present perceived issues to our board, and have seen parents and staff alike applaud their efforts and smile with pride at the accomplishments of these students.  We have had meetings run well into the night and meetings that got me home in time for dinner with my family.

Yet, when considering whether I would run for the Board in November, I asked myself only two simple questions- Can I provide a valuable perspective to our Board, and does this perspective have the potential of doing good for our district?  I believe the answer to these questions is "yes."  As a liability attorney, I have spent my career learning to identify important issues, advocating for my clients, negotiating effectively, and creating innovative solutions to complex problems.  As a Board member, I have worked hard to apply those skills to this context, always asking questions and fueling a dialogue on each important issue that we discuss.  We have an amazing district, but we can always improve and it is our job to continually challenge ourselves to do so.  I hope to continue to have the opportunity to represent the people of this great township that I am lucky enough to call "home."