A few years ago, I made a career change into the world of real estate.  I’ve seen firsthand how school district rankings affect home values in New Jersey.  When I am working with new buyers who are just discovering our area for the first time, many who are coming from areas closer to the city, one of the very first questions they ask me is “How is the school system?”.  When working with well-versed buyers who have done their school report card homework, they ask to look at homes in Sparta as well as similarly ranked districts in nearby counties.  The common theme is that school districts are an area they are not willing to compromise on in their home search.  They are not just buying a house; they are buying into a community and access to quality education. 

Along with the strong community Sparta offers and the beauty of Lake Mohawk, the reputation of the school district has been and continues to be a driving force for home sales in comparison to other towns in Sussex County. I moved here in 2006 FOR the school district! The community and the beauty of this area were an added bonus and what makes Sparta so unique.  Personally, I am FULLY vested in ensuring that our students’ achievements not only meet but exceed state guidelines.  This is where I chose to raise my family and I want other families to be confident in making Sparta their first choice.  Professionally, it is important to ensure we maintain and strengthen our rankings because this will help maintain property values, even when the market sees a downturn.  A great school district makes for an easier sell. Homes in top-ranking districts often sell quicker than homes in lower ranked districts, and rankings play an important role when it comes time to sell. 

My focus is and will always be to ensure that ALL students in our district are thriving and set up for success.  I will always be prepared, ready to collaborate with school administration and stakeholders, and will always stay true to myself.