I. Sensible Development:

We believe development is an important way that communities grow and prosper.  It allows us to maintain a vibrant local economy, enjoy a charming town center, provide for the needs of current residents and business owners, attract new residents, and support desirable property values, just for example.  


However, new development throughout Sparta must be achieved in a sensible manner, one that reflects our responsibility to protect Sparta’s character, lifestyle, and natural beauty. 

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As your Councilmen, our objectives for Sensible Development include:  

  • Preserve our small town feel and prevent negative impacts to its aesthetic quality
  • Respect Sparta’s history and heritage 
  • Oppose high-rise buildings in the center of town 
  • Better communicate with, support, and promote our business community
  • Aggressively address existing commercial vacancies
  • Prioritize recognition of environmental impacts and new mitigation options 
  • Promote Sustainable Architecture principles in new construction
  • Minimize new traffic impact 


We will fight to deliver sensible development that does not sacrifice Sparta’s character and natural environment.  


II. Environmental Responsibility:

Here in Sparta, we are extremely fortunate to live in a place with clean water and fresh air, and surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery.  


We must take a more active role in protecting this way of life, especially as the world around us changes ever more rapidly.  While there are many factors impacting the environment outside our control, there are plenty of things we can and need to do on a local level.  To be very clear, we do not suggest that the environment should be the only factor driving local decisions.  However, we firmly believe that we must increase our collective focus, level of understanding, and action.  Stated differently, Environmental Responsibility needs to have a permanent seat and voice at the table.  We are the leaders who have the interest, knowledge, and the will to make this happen.  


As your Councilmen, our objectives for Environmental Responsibility include:  

  • Protect our limited open space 
  • Minimize risk of harmful algal blooms on our 20+ lakes and ponds through education and thoughtful policies and practices (e.g., sewage, stormwater runoff) 
  • Embrace emerging stormwater management best practices, innovative approaches, and regulations to reduce public health risk, pollution, water treatment costs, and flooding  
  • Advocate for gradual transition of our town’s government operations, assets, and community services over to a base of renewable energy and electric vehicles
  • Conserve and protect our township’s forest habitats and streams, in part with assistance of volunteers and civic groups 
  • Promote Sustainable Architecture principles in new construction


With our passion for environmental stewardship and a sustainable future, we will tirelessly advocate for environmental responsibility, leading Sparta forward towards a safe and healthy future.