This summer, our team came together and announced we were running for four open seats on the Sparta Board of Education. Mike McGovern, Dr. Robert Zywicki, and Dr. Richard Snellings are seeking election to three-year seats, and Dr. Vanessa Serrano is seeking election to a one-year seat. We offer decades of successful leadership experience in the fields of business, medicine, and education. All of our children currently attend or graduated from the Sparta public schools. We are truly connected to the community and fully invested in the success of ALL Spartan children.

Over the past two months we have laid out the substance of our positions on a variety of issues related to the Sparta schools. We also presented solutions that we will support to meet the challenges that the district is facing and to take our town’s public schools to the next level. If you were unable to read all of our candidate statements presenting our original thoughts and ideas during this very hectic election season, please read below to see what sets our team apart from the other candidates:

#2 Mike McGovern

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#3 Robert Zywicki

#4 Richard Snellings

1 Yr Vanessa Serrano

If the substance of our positions and the solutions we will support resonate with you, cast your ballot for the team committed to Integrity, Transparency, and Innovation!  


The following statements are made in our capacities as private citizens and not in our capacity or affiliations with the board of education or any other entity. These statements are also not representative of the board or its individual members and solely represent our personal opinions.