When I ran for the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders it was because as the Mayor of Sparta, my one and only dealing with the county was not a good one. I saw what seemed like an organization in disarray and headed down the typical borrow and spend government road. This was my perception from the outside, and what I quickly learned was that there were many inside the county who felt the same but didn’t have a voice.

I saw the opportunity to be part of a group of people trying to change that direction. During our campaign I made very clear what my focus and intentions would be as a Freeholder. I would focus my attention on financial reform, and make sure we had the proper professionals in the right positions, and renew our commitment to the hard working employees of our county who actually do the work day in and day out. We have accomplished both contracts and policies that have set a path to accomplishing those promises. But culture change doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes fortitude and leadership to keep proper direction.

I can honestly say that there are some amazing professionals, and a workforce who really cares about the work they do in Sussex County. That, coupled with a group of Freeholders who not only care, but are professionals with the right mind set and work ethic to keep our county headed in the right direction. I’m proud of the work we have done together and look forward to properly presenting some of it officially to the public in the coming months.

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Unfortunately, while working hard on course correction for our county I kept hearing and seeing my own hometown struggling to maintain its own course. I heard frustration from both hard working professionals and amazing elected officials in Sparta at the current situation. I saw what was a cohesive group all working together for Sparta, turn into to a few peoples personal agendas corrupting the purity of what I had once been so proud to be part of.

I can no longer , in good conscious, continue to dedicate my time and energies to the work of the county when I feel that my own hometown needs me more at this point in time. Now, I don’t want to make it seem like Sparta is falling apart at the seams, because that is not the case. There are some tremendous people holding it together, but I have seen how important one election can be to the direction and future of our community. I can’t let another election further erode what we worked so hard to build in Sparta.

To all whom have supported me throughout the county, thank you. I continue to be honored to serve all of you and appreciate the opportunity you afforded me when I was elected to office. Our county is a special place filled with amazing people. I couldn’t have imagined the work load that being a Freeholder requires, if you really want to make a difference. I have been lucky to serve with Freeholders who go above and beyond in their service to the county. I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you all now and in the future.

I’m sure not many believed me when I said I didn’t have political aspirations, but I genuinely do what I do in service to my community, neighbors, friends, and family. I want to serve where I feel like I can be most effective and, right now, I feel like that’s in Sparta. It’s for all of these reasons that I have decided to run for Sparta Township Council this coming November. I am lucky enough to be running with someone who has been giving back to our community as long as I have known her. A true professional, an extremely dedicated public servant, and most importantly someone who shares my family values and vision for Sparta.

Josh Hertzberg & Chris Quinn for Sparta Council

Commitment to Community.