I answered the phone the other day and realized it was a robocall. I was about to hang up but something caught my attention. The recording was urging me to vote for Josh Hertzberg and Christine Quinn for Sparta Council. I listened, hoping to hear about their plans for Sparta or things they have done for our town. Instead, I was given a list of Republican candidates around the county to vote for. The robocall was paid for by the Sussex County Republican Party. Days later, a photo appeared on the Hertzberg and Quinn campaign Facebook page of them posing with Dawne Fantasia, a Republican freeholder, with a crudely photoshopped picture of them all holding a sign reading "Vote Republican. Josh Hertzberg & Christine Quinn". 


Our Town Council race is intentionally designed to be non-partisan, not blatantly partisan! I’m convinced that these career politicians will do what they are told by their party leadership while leaving us Spartans in the lurch. We need representatives in town who are not insider pawns of either party just looking to further their specific party agendas. Our local leaders should honestly represent the entire community, not just the portion who subscribe to one particular political viewpoint! Partisan politics is the last thing we need at the local level in Sparta. 


Curious as to how much these candidates were backed by their apparent political party, I looked up their campaign filings. So, to make matters worse, Hertzberg and Quinn refused to file mandatory election campaign reports with the State of New Jersey, missing both pre-election deadlines, which is a crime. They finally made some of their required filings on October 27th, but these reports were completed in an inaccurate and incomplete manner, resulting in additional rules being broken. This violation of the law is completely unacceptable. These candidates are shamelessly violating campaign reporting law, seemingly making their own rules as they go along. How are we supposed to trust a pair of candidates who feel the rules apply to everyone but themselves, and that they are above the rule of law? 


This election is a very important one.  We cannot risk electing career politicians who clearly disregard laws that other candidates throughout New Jersey follow, who deny us the privilege of a non-partisan election, and who have made it clear they will choose their party bosses over the best interests of the people of Sparta!