Dear Editor,

“It is extremely disheartening to see Mayor Molly Whilesmith's comments regarding my case against the Township and Police.  In her statement she explains that the settlement money was not “hush money” and was rather a “modest sum” offered as a business decision, rather than a silence payment.  

The Township and It's officers wronged me, period.  The Mayor was not convinced when Superior Court Judge Critchley threw out her Township's officers bad warrant, in which defendant & Officer John Bebe said to the press prior to decision “we respect the decision of Judges”.  Mayor Whilesmith apparently needed to see me exonerated by a three panel appellate court ruling costing the Township tens of thousands of dollars to see the cops acted wrongly that day. The joke is on them because I represented myself in the Federal Appellate court against Township prosecutor John McMeen, and won, representing myself pro-se; the burden is on the taxpayer who could have gotten a new turf football field a few years earlier had the township not been so insistent on their crusade against me.  

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When Mayor Whilesmith says “I support the actions of our police officers who were diligent and professional in performance of their duties,” she is essentially disagreeing with a Township Judge of over 40 years, a superior court judge, and a three judge Federal Appellate court panel.  Mrs Whilesmith should do what she should have done almost a decade ago and admit they, she, the Township were wrong, instead of promoting the officers who participated in the unlawful conduct. If the Township wanted to be fully transparent, what is not needed is a statement of reassurance from the Mayor, the township could take the lead like Byram Township in making all settlement procedures public, instead of hiding behind lies and closed door sessions at the board meetings.  I find it personally offensive that I am being continually smeared and accused by the Mayor Molly Whilesmith of wanting to publicize the case further when we have been bound by a gag order for the past five years, and the first one to go running to the press to make a statement is the Mayor Molly Whilesmith herself. My response is only motivated by a will to correct the false narrative the Mayor is spewing. I have a hint for the mayor, a jury is going to agree with you that your offer was modest;  I'll see you at trial.”

Sincerely - Scott Michael Waselik