Praises the $650 million appropriated for the Northeast Corridor

Washington, DC -- Congresswoman Sherrill released the following statement ahead of the vote tonight on the FY19 spending agreement:

“The people of New Jersey sent me to Congress because they are tired of partisan gridlock. They want to see our Congress get to work on legislation that will make people’s lives better. This spending agreement is exactly the type of bipartisan, bicameral legislation we need. We are putting real money behind border security in a responsible manner, from securing our ports of entry and stopping the importation of fentanyl, to funding high-tech border security measures.

“We’re also moving America forward by investing billions to fix our crumbling rails and roads, including $650 million for the Northeast Corridor, more than double the President’s initial plans. This deal is just the starting point. With this agreement in place, we must turn to the hard work of building the 21st-century infrastructure New Jersey and the nation desperately needs.”