Is this the year you finally buy your own home in Morris or Sussex County? Or perhaps you own a first home and want to move to new, larger home? recently shared a list of top habits to start now if you hope to buy a home in 2017. Follow these 3 top tips to make your home-buying dream come true!

Automate Your Down Payment Savings

Survey after survey cites saving for a down payment as one of the biggest hurdles to homeownership. Jump start your savings by automating your checking account to automatically save a small amount of your paycheck into a separate savings account.

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“Amassing enough for a down payment takes discipline and perseverance, but setting up automatic savings...make(s) it easier. If you never see the cash, you won’t spend it.”

Build Your Credit History and Keep It Spotless

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders want to see that you historically pay off past debts. This means staying on top of your student loans, credit cards and car loans--pay them on time! One way credit bureaus recommend helps: use no more than 30% of the credit available to you.

Practice Living on a Budget

Downsizing your spending NOW allows you to save more for your down payment and pay down other debts to improve your credit score. A recent study showed that “95% of first-time buyers were willing to make sacrifices to buy their home faster.” Their top 3 sacrifices? New clothes, a new car, and travel.

In summary, automate savings, build your credit and stick to a budget. Follow these 3 top tips to save for home-buying and soon you'll be calling Team Nest Builder to buy your new Morris or Sussex County home!

Source: and Bank of America