Finally!  Snow’s melting, the temperature’s rising, and you’re more than ready to dive into the Spring season.  Team Nest Builder knows just how to “Spring-ify” your New Jersey home so you’ll feel the change of season indoors AND out.  Just follow these 5 simple tips:


It IS Easy Being Green

Introduce tints, tones and shades of this clean color in a single space in your home for a crisp, fresh look. Afraid of green overload? Mix it up with pops of yellow and orange, too.

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Pillow Talk

Trade your usual toss pillows and throws for new ones that scream “SPRING” through bright, clear colors and patterns.


It’s Not Unusual

Think beyond the home areas that traditionally receive a Spring treatment! Switch out the curtains, vases, towels and/or artwork in your kitchen and bathrooms--they’re often overlooked, yet most in need of refreshing change-ups.


Grow Up

Introduce new trees and plants into your home's interiors to bring Spring indoors.


Brush Up

Grab some paint and create an accent wall in a bright, clean Spring color--cheap, easy and impactful!

Thinking of skipping the touch-ups and buying a new home altogether? Contact Team Nest Builder’s Lynn Garafola at (973) 222-3777 to start the process today! Check out our blog for loads of helpful information on real estate, home improvement and community events!

Source:  Cathy Hobbs, Tribune News Service