Team Nest Builder knows sleep deprivation leads to a myriad of problems, so we’re here to help you make your New Jersey home bedrooms the havens you deserve! Take a look at these simple ideas for increasing your zzzzz’s:

Soften Up

Employ a large area rug that covers the entire room to help absorb sound and enhance comfort.

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Feeling Blue

According to a study by Travelodge, people sleep longest in blue bedrooms, so crack out that paintbrush and pick a hue of blue that suits you!

Sniff N’ Sleep

Infuse your bedroom with lavender scent--it’s been shown to help promote sleep.  Think pillow sprays or oil-based infusers.

Time to Chill

Turn down that thermostat!  The ideal temperature for sleep is 62-63 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stack it Up

Reading a Kindle or texts on your cell phone before bed? Bad!  Staring at bright screens before beddy-bye disrupts sleep cues.  Instead, place a stack of books you’ve been longing to read on your nightstand, for old-school inspiration!

Time’s Up

Mattress older than 10 years? It’s time to retire that bad boy! The inner materials deteriorate over time, reducing the quality of your sleep.

If you're losing sleep over buying or selling your New Jersey home, just give Team Nest Builder's Lynn Garafola a call at 973-222-3777. Rest assured, we'll help you out!

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Source:  House & Home, April 2018