Mirror, mirror on the wall, how to decorate with them, if at all? First of all, mirrors serve as the perfect complement to nearly any space, so should definitely be incorporated in your New Jersey home decorating.  Secondly, if used thoughtfully, mirrors add considerable value to a space both aesthetically and functionally. So how should you bring on the mirrors? Team Nest Builder offers these easy tips for doing just that:

  • Use mirrors in a series.  Placing mirrors in a series helps elongate a space.  Mirrors can also take the place of windows along a wall without them.
  • Try going glamorous and ornate! A current design trend involves blending modern and vintage, and an ornate mirror is the perfect way to glam up a space.
  • Mix patterns and shapes.  Some of the most successful groupings involve mixing mirrors of different shapes and sizes to create interest.
  • Consider using mirrors instead of artwork.  Mirrors can serve as a lighter alternative to artwork.
  • Place mirrors for maximum impact;  highlight a gorgeous view, showcase artwork or reflect the color of an accent wall.
  • Create visual interest through mirror orientation.  Mirrors hung in a vertical orientation can help make a space feel taller--great for spaces with lower ceilings.  Mirrors hung in a horizontal orientation help a space feel wider.
  • Experiment with size and scale.  Consider using both small and large mirrors throughout your home depending on the size of each particular room, choosing mirrors appropriate in scale.

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Source:  Cathy Hobbs, Tribune News Service