SPARTA, NJ- The Teen Arts Festival is held every year, providing art students from all mediums to showcase their talents at Sussex County Community College.  This program brings students, educators  and professionals together from all over the state.

This year the program honored and celebrated student artists from 18 schools celebrating thousands of works of art. 

Typically after the show, selected pieces would be displayed throughout the county.  This year the virtual show still allowed for the opportunity to share their talents and hard work.

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Sparta High School’s art department was represented by 35 students:

  • Jacob Kochevar’s photograph “Serene”
  • Christy Graham’s photograph featured in SCCC Idiom & Image magazine, Judicial Gallery, Skyland’s Medical Gallery, State Teen Arts Exhibit, Bristle Glen Gallery
  • Cullen Byrne’s photograph “Split” Judicial Gallery and Skylands Medical Gallery
  • Arthur Harner’s photograph “Monday” Skylands Medical Gallery
  • Emily Jacob’s photograph “Marchioness” SCCC and State Teen Arts Exhibit
  • Lizzy Holden’s photograph “Natures Gruesome Side” Judicial Gallery
  • Allison Bottoni’s photograph “Glass Study” Judicial Gallery and Skylands Medical Gallery
  • Thomas Trella’s photograph “Swiss View” featured in SCCC Idiom & Image magazine
  • Kanita Tariq’s photograph “Barren” Bristol Glen Gallery
  • Taige Kellenberger’s stoneware “Salty Octopus” SCCC Gallery Exhibit,
  • Jessica Vincelette’s stoneware “Big Blue” SCCC Gallery Exhibit,
  • Amanda Sansone’s stoneware and mixed media “Man Destroys, Man Rebuilds” SCCC Gallery Exhibit
  • Chloe Bavro's plastercraft, wood dowels, wood plank “Disguised Behind Broken Lies” SCCC Gallery Exhibit and SCCC PAC Exhibit,
  • Heather Maxwell’s wood plank, resin, clock “Time Flies” SCCC Gallery Exhibit,
  • Kristen Sansone’s stoneware “Movement” SCCC PAC Exhibit,
  • Ande Wittenmeier’s graphite and colored pencil “Childhood Memories” Idiom & Image Magazine, State Teen Arts Exhibit,
  • Ande Wittenmeier’s pastel and pen on toned paper “Courtroom” 3 place New Jersey State Bar Drawing Competition,
  • Josh Gorman’s digital photograph “No Evil Here” Idiom & Image Magazine, Judicial Center,
  • Sarah Wille’s digital photograph “Costa Rica Sunset” Judicial Center, Bristol Glen, State Teen Arts Exhibit,
  • Yasmeen Caswell’s photograph “Myrtle Beach” Honorable Mention, Sparta Camera Club Expo XXXV,
  • Samantha Lopen’s graphite and colored pencil “Self Portrait” Judicial Center, Skylands Medical Exhibit,
  • Lawren Spinetta’s digital drawing “Summer Swim” SCCC PAC, Judicial Center, Skylands Medical Exhibit,
  • Jessica Fenners’ graphite and colored pencils “Faith” SCCC art show, Judicial Center,
  • Alex Cohen’s digital photography “Speed” Judicial Center, Skylands Medical Exhibit,
  • Luca Budofsky’s mixed media collage “Space Cat” SCCC PAC Exhibit, Judicial Center Exhibit, Idiom & Image Magazine,
  • Jessica Berghoffer’s mixed medial collage “The Woodpecker” Idiom & Image Magazine,
  • Cole DeFIlippis’ mixed media collage “Fred” Idiom & Image Magazine,
  • Rachel Rodroguez’s mixed media collage “Bella” SCCC Gallery, Idiom & Image Magazine,
  • Tiffany Rabbit’s mixed media collage “Wolf” SCCC Gallery Exhibit, Skylands Medical Exhibit,
  • William DiGiuseppe’s mixed media on cardboard “Leap” New Jersey State Teen Arts Exhibit,
  • Paige Markvicka’s earthenware “Nature’s Midnight” SCCC PAC Exhibit,
  • Paige Mongon’s earthenware “Nature’s Weave” SCCC Gallery Exhibit,
  • Carolyn Peterson’s Sharpie marker “State of Zen” SCCC Gallery Exhibit,
  • Sam Lopen’s paper “Monarch” SCCC Gallery Exhibit, Bristol Glen,
  • Emma Dyrsten’s earthenware “Delicate Weave” SCCC Gallery Exhibit,
  • Ellen Villapando’s earthenware “Golden Arrow” SCCC PAC Exhibit.

The Sparta High School Art Show will be featured in upcoming articles.

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