SPARTA, NJ – Sparta Middle School Principal Michael Gregory has announced the Students of the second marking period of the 2019-2020 school year.  The teachers of the three academic teams in each grade level recognized two students for their notable actions and contributions to the Sparta Middle School community.

Their teachers shared comments about the students chosen for the second marking period.

The sixth grade teams are Amber, Sapphire and Topaz.

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The Amber team selected Emma Hamilton and Hayden Kopco.

Emma Hamilton’s competitive nature pushes her to give 100% effort in all she does.  Academically, she is driven to always do her best.  Emma is intrinsically interested to learn.  On the geography bee, Emma had one of the top sixth grade scores.  Emma loves to travel and recently returned from a cultural trip to Israel over winter break.  Outside of school, Emma is busy participating in a rigorous competitive gymnastics program.  Emma is kind, friendly, police, considerate and helpful to her teachers and fellow students.  She is well-liked by both teachers and her classmates.  The Amber team is proud to have Emma as a student.”

“Kayden Lopco is an outgoing, positive student with a great sense of humor.  He demonstrates academic excellence and always has a smile on his face.  Hayden is well-liked by his classmates and is always willing to help anyone who needs it.  Outside of school, Hayden enjoys sports and plays both basketball and baseball.  Hayden is happy and friendly and is a positive addition to any class. He is an awesome student and the Amber team is pleased to have him as our student of the marking period.”

The Sapphire team selected Jaisen Caswell and Meilssa Chiesa-Rupani. 

“Jaiden Caswell is a hard working young man who seeks out assistance or clarification when needed.  He follows up with the teachers when absent showing concern for his academic success.  He demonstrates kindness toward others and takes responsibility for the learning process.  He is an enthusiastic learner and is willing to participate in many of the discussions in our class.”

Melissa Chiesa-Rupani is a very kind, compassionate young lady who is willing to assist others when needed.  She is conscientious, hardworking and a positive presence in the classroom.  Melissa is a great role model for others and demonstrates a great love of learning.  As an active participant, she always adds to the discussions and is a pleasure to have in our classes.”

The Topaz team is represented by Ava Cerrito and Tommy Fossett.

Ava Cerrito is a diligent and conscientious student with a commitment to academic excellence.  She has repeatedly demonstrated and applied her student success skills.  She is thoughtful and considerate of others regardless of her environment.”

“Tommy Fossett has a way of incorporating his artistic talents into his academic endeavors.  He has demonstrated perseverance and resolve regardless of the circumstances.  He has continued to show that his is a friendly and supportive member of the Sparta Middle School community.”

The seventh grade teams are Diamond, Garnet and Ruby.

The Diamond team chose Asher  Orlikowski and Madelyn Raffino.

Asher Orlikowski is the type of student who keeps his standards high and is dedicated to always doing his best.  He is unfailingly honest and takes on each task with a determination that is admirable.  Asher never gives up; he attacks each challenge with perseverance and is rewarded with a clear victory each time.  The Diamond team is very happy to have Asher as a member.”

Madelyn Raffino is someone everyone on the Diamond team admire.  She is dedicated to her studies and kind to others.  In her quiet way, Maddie makes sure everyone feels included.  She has an easy smile that radiates warmth and acceptance to all those around her.  She is a student who understands what a true learner is.  Regardless of the task at hand, whether it’s a simple piece for homework or a major project, Maddie goes above and beyond to produce outstanding work.”

The Garnet team selected Molly Chapman and Nick Vasques. 

Molly Chapman is the epitome of what the Garnet team looks for when selecting a student of the marking period.  For starters, she is such a kindhearted young lady, always willing to help others.  She is very conscientious and takes pride in her work.  Outside of school, Molly loves to play basketball.  She is a leader on our team…someone we are all proud to say is a Garnet.”

Nick Vasquez stands out on the Garnet team as someone who is always respectful to both his teachers and his beers.  Not only is he a diligent worker but he is also eager to help his classmates in class and during Academic Assistance.  When he is not in school, he enjoys playing soccer and baseball.  We just love that he brings a positive attitude to the Garnet wing each day and every day.”

The Ruby chose Sloane Dengler and Brianna Mancini.

Sloane Dengler is an awesome student who demonstrates the six pillars of character daily.  She is constantly focused on her schoolwork and strives for high marks in everything she does.  Her smile and positive attitude are infectious and brighten up those around her each day.  Her teachers appreciate her effort and how respectful she is to all of her peers and teachers.  Her teachers commend her cheerful spirit and ability to work with anyone she is paired up with.  The Ruby team is thrilled to acknowledge Sloane for this well-deserved recognition.  Congratulations.”

Brianna Mancini is a joy to teach.  She is always prepared, eager to learn and polite to everyone.  She also makes the most of her time in school and is dedicated outside of it as well.  Even when she is absent, she wants to make up any work she may have missed.  One of the admirable qualities of Brianna is her work ethic and kind spirit.  She works well in a variety of educational settings and can delegate tasks or work in teams with anyone.  The Ruby team teachers are proud of all the hard work and effort she puts forth in each of her academic courses.  As a team, we are fortunate to teach Brianna every day.  Congratulations.”

The eighth grade teams are Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

The Emerald team chose Madison Campisi and Alena Picinic.

Madison Campisi is a pleasure to have in class.  She’s always got a smile on her face and she works well with others.  She is willing to go out of her way to help her classmates.  Madison has an excellent work ethic.  She will write and rewrite and revise her work until it is the best it can be.”

Alena Picinic is a focused and dedicated student.  She’s curious and askes relevant questions.  Alena is an avid reader and a cheerful and enthusiastic student who works hard to do her best each day.”

The Jade team selected Malaya Dobbs and Frank Lloyd.

Malaya Dobbs is kind and compassionate and is always eager to collaborate with other students and help anyone who might be struggling.  She enhances the classroom environment with her participation and effort. She strives to excel in all of her classes and succeeds in reaching those goals.  We are lucky to have Malaya on the Jade team.”

Frank Lloyd always shows tremendous pride in his work by being extremely thorough and going above and beyond.  He self-advocates but still works and thinks independently and takes responsibility for his own choices and behavior.  He is driven to do the right thing because of his own character not because of potential consequences.  The teachers on the Jade team are proud to give this award to Frank Lloyd.”

The Pearl team selected.

Michelle Kujalowicz is the Pearl team student of the second marking period.  Michelle is an excellent addition of any classroom because of her positive attitude and the ability to work with any of her peers.  Her work ethic has made her stand out.  She is an active participant in her own education, often exceeding our expectations.  We are so happy that she is on our team and can’t wait to hear of all her future success.”

“Adam Stefancik is the Pearl tea student of the second marking period.  Adam is not only an excellent student but has shown great character so far this year.  He is an outstanding teammate to his peers, often helping other students by serving as a role model.  His dedication to his school work is evident as he balances it so well with extracurricular activities.  We can’t wait to see what Adam’s future holds.”