It’s no surprise that ordinary people can do extraordinary things and sometimes they touch our lives from the most unexpected places. Meet Mike Cotton from the Byram School Bus Company. Driver Mike is making the world a better ride at a time. 

Mr. Mike is the driver of the school bus that winds throughout our neighborhood 180 days of the school year. He reminds me of the advice my parents shared as a child - if you’re going to do something, do it with your whole heart. And that is exactly what Mr. Mike does every morning and each afternoon as he carries out his Sparta route. 

With each stop he makes, he enthusiastically greets or bids farewell to the children who join his caravan. He kindly waves and smiles to their families with a genuine consideration and understanding that their most precious cargo is now under his care. Mr. Mike is a class act. In the beginning of the year he hands out business cards with his phone number in case parents need to get in touch with him. This gesture alone is such a significant way of saying, “I am here if you need me.” Mr. Mike also dresses the part! Each holiday he can be seen in festive attire or his everyday wear that consists of brightly colored shirts that match his contagiously happy personality. On the last day of school this year, he dropped the students off with a card and a ribbon congratulating them on finishing another school year - all while clapping and signing to the celebratory music playing in the background. 

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Mike is nothing short of an amazing person and he may never fully understand the impact he has on these little lives that ride the roads of Sparta Township with him on their journey through school. To begin and end the day with an adult who goes out of their way to show our children he cares is a powerful thing. It takes a village to raise a child and we are truly inspired by Mr. Mike and grateful he has crossed our path. Thank you Mike Cotton for being you and reminding us that every small act of kindness can change the world. 

Love Your Friends, The Camelot Crew