SPARTA, NJ – Sparta Bag it Day 2019 will be held on June 2.  Spartan organizations, teams, businesses and residents are invited to participate in the township wide clean up. 

Mitch Morrison is organizing the effort once again.  Anyone interested in participating can reach out to Morrison as soon as possible to indicate your interest and choice of clean up area; roads, parks, rivers and streams.

Bag it Day Rules and Regulations:

  • All children must be continuously monitored by an adult.
  • Everyone must wear bright clothing.
  • Everyone must wear gloves, work pants and work boots.  Protective eye wear is recommended. Do NOT pick up glass, anything rusty, anything sharp, anything too heavy, anything that looks even remotely dangerous (like syringes).
  • Bring your own trash bags.
  • Bring water and a healthy snack.
  • Children are not allowed on the road to pick up trash.  Everyone must be off the road.
  • You are invisible to all traffic.  Do not assume anyone can or will see you.
  • Everyone must register via an email to

Morrison asks that he be advised when your group has completed their clean up so arrangements can be made to pick up the garbage bags.  Morrison will take them to the dump.