SPARTA, NJ- A Sparta Police Officer is joking about having a second career.  Officer Brian Porter has “been so lucky” to have helped deliver a second baby in six weeks.

“We learn this in the academy but some guys go 25 years without ever getting to deliver a baby,” Porter said.  “I’ve been lucky to do it twice in six weeks.”

Porter answered the 9-1-1 call with Officers Tom Herd, Mike Poon and Phil Longo.  

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"When we reported for duty that day we did not think in our wildest dreams that we would be delivering a baby," Poon said.  "It is a beautiful thing to be a witness to the miracle of life but to be a key part of it is an even greater experience."

The father Bryan Bayer said, “[Officer Porter] said believe it or not I’ve done this before,” when he arrived.  Porter and Officer Tom Herd helped each other get gowns, gloves, masks and goggles on and were ready for the baby in minutes.

“Mom said she felt more comfortable in the tub, so I got in there with her,” Porter said.  “She was amazing.  She stayed calm the whole time, gave all of her medical history.”  The baby had the umbilical cord around his neck.  “It wasn’t bad so I got it off and cleared out his mouth and within 30 seconds he was crying” and in mother’s arms, Porter said.

“Dad was great,” Porter said.  “He’s a very, very nice guy.  He also stayed calm the whole time, getting things we needed.”

Office Phil Longo had to keep going outside to relay information because the cell service was not great inside the house according to Porter. Poon was getting supplies from the medical kit and along with the dad, getting the items needed for the delivery.

“I’m so proud of the guys,” Porter said.  “Everybody had their jobs and everyone did them well.”

Porter said he was "0-2" getting the baby named after him.  This time it was because the Bayer family already has two Bryans.  New baby Jonathan William Bayer joins dad Bryan and mom Nicole and 18-month-old brother Bryan.

Big brother is adjusting but wonders “Hey, what are you doing in my swing,” and “hey, that’s my blanket,” dad said.  

The newest Bayer came into the world quickly on Monday, weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long.  Both mother and baby are doing well, coming home from the hospital after just 24 hours, Bryan Bayer said.

Bryan Bayer said his wife had been on bed rest for two months. “Her due date was May 6 so the doctor had released her from bed rest,” Bayer said. “I had just gone back to work.”  

Bayer got the call from his wife that she was in labor.  As they were walking out to the car to go to the hospital, her water broke, Bayer said.  It went quickly from there.

“I called 9-1-1 at 9:55 and John was delivered at 10:05,” dad said.  It was so fast that he was born before the EMTs arrived.  Ambulance Squad members Michael Maciejczyk and Robert Schreiber brought mother and baby to the hospital.

The Bayer family sent pizza to the police department for lunch on Wednesday.  “It’s the absolute least we could do. The officers were so good.  They came in without hesitation, in spite of all that’s going on with coronavirus.  I can’t be more appreciative of the police and EMTs.”

Porter said the police squads were recently changed and “this was a real bonding experience for the squad.”

"We will share a deep connection to the family forever and especially to Jonathan," Poon said.  "We look forward to seeing what his future brings."

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