SPARTA, NJ – A Rockaway man is facing drug charges after a traffic stop on East Mountain Road.  On July 3 around 10 p.m. Tanner , 21 and two other drivers caught the attention of Cpl Richard Smith, police said.

Smith was monitoring traffic at Woodport Road and East Mountain Road when he saw three cars following each other and speed down East Mountain Road. The officer went after the cars and found them stopped in the middle of the road next to each other.  The officer turned on the police car’s lights to get them to move out of the road, police said.

When Smith spoke with the driver of both cars he saw a ziplock bag with a “yellowish-green wax substance,” on the passenger seat of Rockaway resident Dykstra’s front seat.    When Smith asked about the bag Dykstra said it was marijuana wax, “his medicine,” police said.

Officer Erick Finley arrived to assist, taking Dykstra into custody and to the Sparta Police Department Headquarters.  Dykstra was charged with possession of marijuana, given a court date and released.