SPARTA, NJ- It was not enough to run through a stop sign for Wharton resident Carlos Acacio-Ruge, he also was clocked at 90 MPH on Route 15.  On September 28 around 10:30 p.m. Officer Erick Finley saw the 36-year-old go onto Route 15 without stopping at the sign at the bottom of the ramp, police said.

When Finley stopped Acacio-Ruge, the driver admitted he knew he was speeding and had a beer at a friend’s house.  Finley had Acacio-Ruge perform field sobriety tests and took him into custody police said.

At Sparta Police Headquarters, after being processed and breath tested, Acacio-Ruge was charged with driving while intoxicated, fail to stop at a stop sign, careless driving and speeding, police said.

He was given a court date and released to a sober adult.