SPARTA, NJ- A woman with multiple warrants tried to avoid arrest by giving her sister’s name when she was pulled over for speeding.  On May 7, Katarzyna Bartnicka went to Sparta Police Department Headquarters when she received notification of a warrant for a ticket in Sparta that was not hers, police said.

Katarzyna Bartnicka told police she believed it was her sister Anna, 30, that was stopped for speeding on West Mountain Road on April 9. On April 9 when Cpl. Craig Grauerholz talked with the Washington resident after stopping her for speeding. She told him she did not have her license with her but gave her identity as Katarzyna, her sister.  Grauerholz gave her a summons for failure to change her address on her license and a warning for speeding, police report.

Officers confirmed it had been Anna that was stopped on April 9.  Further, police found Anna’s license was suspended and she had warrants out of Sparta and Pequannock, police said.

Grauerholz issued additional warrants for Anna Katarzyna for hindering apprehension, obstruction, and falsely incriminating another.  She was also charged with speeding, driving while suspended, unlicensed driver, failure to notify.