VERNON, NJ- Not long after taking “Tack Med” trauma first aid training, Vernon Police Officers saved the life of a woman in a motorcycle accident.  On September 27, Officer John Gales responded to the scene of a motorcycle accident in which the passenger had nearly severed her leg.

The crash happened at a "dangerous curve" on Route 94. The motorcyclist “failed to properly negotiate the turn and hit the guardrail,” Vernon Police Chief Dan Young said.  He said both people survived the crash but were seriously injured, including the woman’s severe leg injury.

Gales applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.  Both the driver and passenger were medevacked to Morristown Medical Center where doctors reportedly said the officer’s action applying “the tourniquet contributed to saving the woman’s life," Young said.

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Young said the accident triggered a full response with police officers, paramedics, EMS, fire department and medevac personnel on the scene.

Close to 40% of the police officers in Vernon Township, along with officers throughout the county have been trained in trauma first aid by Lawrence Wilson, Young said.  Wilson’s company Velumcore teaches HEAT or Hostile Environment Awareness Training. 

The Australian native currently lives in and works in Sparta.  For thirty years he has trained domestic and international business clients such as military contractors and diplomats and their families who will be traveling and working abroad in “work in hostile environments.”

He said he trains them, typically for insurance purposes, on several modules such as Communications, Navigation, Convoy Security, Personal Security and Medical training for life threatening injuries including severe bleeds.

“This is the only country I know of that does not mandate this type of training for private companies sending their employees and the employees’ families overseas to hostile environments,” Wilson said.

In addition to training business clients and first responders, Wilson trains private hunting clubs in life- threatening trauma and bleeds.

Young said he will continue to send a few personnel each time Wilson holds a class. 

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