Local dog rescue group Brendan's Meadows Rescue will be hosting a concert event March 26th to benefit rescue dogs. The 2nd annual Dogs Rock concert will held Sunday, March 26, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Crossroads at 78 North Avenue in Garwood.

The event will feature local bands the Brother John Brown band and Kindred Acoustic. This is an all ages show. Admission is a $20 donation and children are free of charge. BMR is a volunteer based non profit with members and foster homes in our local communities. If you are interested in the event or how to get involved with BMR, please contact bmr.relations@yahoo.com or visit the website brendansmeadows.com. You can also follow BMR on Facebook @brendansmeadowsrescue to find out about our rescue dogs and upcoming events.