SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Most of Wednesday’s Board of Health meeting was spent discussing Health Department reports.  The Health Officer reported the Hilton Garden Inn passed multiple inspections that included onsite ones and one focused on the pool.  That had to happen before the Inn opened. 

Another site discussed was the recently closed West 22 Diner.  It is scheduled to be demolished in about ten days and throughout the process of demolition and construction, it was reported there will continue to be a very active effort of vermin control.  The reporting officer described the construction manager as being “very cooperative”.

In the Nursing Report, it was stated there were no cases of Zika. 

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On Action Items, time was spent discussing the need for a more complete and robust calendar to better serve the community, health providers, and those that must comply with health laws.  For instance, there is training for food handling.  Those in food establishments need to take the course and there is more than one opportunity to take it.  Right now, that information is not easily found for people looking for take the course, but not able to take the one suggested.  

There was also the discussion on data and the need to have comparable historical data to better understand environmental and market changes.  For instance, it was reported there were 294 children in the eight pre-schools serving Springfield.  It was not clear how much of a change occurred in the past year.  The comparable number for last year should be available at the next meeting.

Finally, materials were distributed on the coming “Springfield’s Healthy Family Challenge” by the Springfield Health Department.  Registration starts April 1 by calling 973-912-2269.  It is a six week schedule starting in week one with “Get Acquainted’.  The next five weeks are in order “Get Nutritious”, “Get Active”, “Get Rejuventated”, “Get Positive”, and “Get Reflecting”.  More details and articles will be forthcoming on this event.