Right now in Springfield we have a great opportunity to make our town more beautiful, create jobs, and reduce property taxes by investing in smart, community-focused development downtown. The Republicans on the Township Committee have dragged their feet on these projects, but with the right vision and leadership, we can start making progress immediately.

I have a vision for Springfield’s downtown and the experience we need to make it a reality. As your representative on the Township Committee, I will revitalize the Sarah Bailey Community Center so we can use it for family-friendly events like free movie nights, open mic nights, and other exhibits where local artists can sell their work.

I will also work with local entrepreneurs and small-business owners to find the best ways to help them thrive while attracting new businesses. This will create more job opportunities for our kids and bring down property taxes by increasing rateables.   

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We can accomplish all of this without breaking the bank. As a member of the Planning Board and Environmental Commission, and Green Team, I was involved in every step of the first wave of building downtown, so I know what it takes to turn a good idea into a reality. I will also include business owners, families, and other members of the community in every step of the planning and construction process to make sure all new development is cost-effective and works for everyone.

We have a great opportunity in downtown Springfield, but we need leaders with the vision and experience to turn good ideas into brick and mortar realities. I have a plan to make our downtown more family-friendly and fun, and I know how to get development done in a way that saves money, brings in new businesses. It’s time for the Township Committee to stop wasting time and start pursuing smart development solutions that work for all of Springfield.