As I toured around all 5 polling stations this afternoon long lines were still evident. A poll worker at the Sandmeier School stated that some voters waited as long as an hour this morning and the trends are well ahead of the 2008 numbers. Strong passion was exhibited by many voters. A Springfield resident, David T. Hines, posted on Facebook this morning that he was offering rides to the polls. When contacted as to why he was doing this he said, “This is potentially the most critical election that anyone alive in America today has ever faced. We are not just deciding who will lead us for the next four years, we are deciding who will be the vanguard in the fight against climate change, racial injustice, economic inequality and a rapidly spiraling situation in the Middle East”.

A voter I approached outside the Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School, Ben Graulich, said he had watched all three debates. He said, “It is true that none of the candidates is perfect,  but as a young person who is voting for  the very first time, my future is literally on the line and I have to make sure my voice is heard.”

We will report unofficial results as soon as we have them.