SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Springfield Hadassah and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce organized and held the Annual Springfield Candidates Forum for candidates for the Springfield Township Committee at the Springfield Public Library on Thursday at 11 a.m. Only half the candidates were in attendance.

Republican Candidate Dr, Kristin Labazzo had a conference to attend outside the Township, and could not be there. The second Republican candidate, Victoria Scracino chose not to attend for unspecified reasons.

That left current Committee Member Richard Huber, who is running for his third term on the Committee, and first-time candidate Erica DuBois, both Democrats, at the Forum to respond to questions from the large group of residents. By some counts, not less than 70 people came to hear the candidates in the Douglas B. Palmer Museum area of the Springfield Free Public Library this past Thursday, October 27th at 11:00 am. They included Deputy Mayor Diane Stampoulos, newly appointed Township Administrator Ziad Shehady, and Union County Freeholder and Springfield resident Bruce Bergen, as well as other local dignitaries.

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Because of the importance of this election year, TAPInto video recorded the question and answer period of the Candidates Forum and has posted it to its YouTube channel. Use the handy video index below to see which questions were asked of the Candidates, and the location (time marker) in the video when that question was asked. Click on the time marker and it will take you right to that segment of the video, where you can hear both the question and the candidates' answers. All the questions came from residents who submitted them to the organizers prior to the Forum.

00:10 - For Rich Huber: What do you think of the summary of the swimming pool plans?

02:39 - For Rich Huber: When I moved to Springfield 25 years ago, grass clippings and yard waste was picked up from the curb, garbage was picked up twice a week and roads were plowed and salted. Today, grass clippings are no longer picked up you have to bring them to the yard waste at the DPW garage, garbage is picked up once a week, and you're lucky if your street is plowed let alone salted. Past administrations have claimed they have kept the cap on taxes without sacrificing services. Nonsense. What do you propose to do to return these services without increasing taxes?

06:00 - For both candidates: What would be your priorities for the next term in office?

11:27 - For Erica DuBois:  You mention that your family, you and your husband's family have lived in Springfield for over 80 years. What do you think is the most important part of Springfield to preserve?

13:59 - For Rich Huber: What are you learn from your time on the Township Committee, and being Mayor?

16:40 - For both candidates: Last year's mayor suggested turning to Sarah Bailey property into an art center. Do you support this initiative?

18:00 - For Erica DuBois:  Your bio says that you are a coach what other activities for kids would you like to see in Springfield?

19:50 - For Rich Huber: Why are you running for a third term?

21:58 - For Erica DuBois: What have you done for in Springfield that would qualify you to be a Township Committee Member? And how long have you been on boards and committees that you are serving?

23:42 - Closing statement of Kristen Labazzo, read by Lorraine Seidel.

27:00 - Closing statement of Erica Dubois 

29:01 - Closing statement of Rich Huber