SPRINGFIELD, NJ - The Springfield Farmer’s Market is back for another year. The event, which runs every Monday from July through October is being held this year on the front lawn of the Springfield Public Library. The farmer’s market is open each week from 11 a.m. to six p.m.

Martin Schwartz was one of the vendors at the farmer’s market. He and Raquel Gemer are co-owners of Unique Snacks of America, which is located in nearby Cranford, New Jersey. He said that his business works to curate a variety of different snacks and spreads.

“We look for products that are made by family owned businesses, small batches and that are a little bit different, a little bit healthier,” Schwartz said. “Our goal is eventually maybe we’ll cover all 50 states. I tell people I’m a snack researcher.”

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He pointed to various displays on the table and said that he found a variety of different products from all over the country that he was partnering to sell. These included chips from Long Island and Memphis, cookies from a company in Minnesota, apple butter and chutney locally sourced in New Jersey and jam from San Diego.

Next to his booth, Donna Zyck was busy running a fresh fruit and vegetable tent. She also runs The Country Stand, a fresh produce business in Washington, New Jersey. Zyck had multiple tables stocked with certified jersey fresh fruits and vegetables.

“It helps people to eat healthy and try new stuff,” Zyck said. Like our eight ball. That’s a type of zucchini. It has more kids eating fruits and vegetables.”

Zyck said that a lot of the fruit available at the stand, including the peaches and blueberries was sourced from south jersey, as well as the corn. She explained that at the moment, some of her farm’s produce was not fully grown and ready for sale yet.

One of the customers shopping at Zyck’s stand was Grace Reina. A Springfield resident, Reina said she has been coming to the farmer’s market for the last few years and that she always enjoys seeing what is up for sale.

“This stand is always a very good variety,” Reina said, gesturing towards the fruit and vegetables for sale. “I’m not really in the market for anything but fresh produce.”

Reina also said that having jersey fresh products at the farmer’s market is nice and knowing that her purchase supports local farmers is an added benefit. She also said that while the prices at the farmer’s market are higher than a regular super market, it is a nice change of pace and a regular part of her week.

“I come every Monday in the summer and buy a bunch of kale, and in one week I’ve eaten it all,” Reina said.

For more information about the Springfield Farmer’s Market, contact Maryellen Brennan by phone at 973-912-2202 or by email at maryellen.brennan@springfield-nj.us