SPRINGFIELD, NJ - During public comments of the Township Committee meeting numerous members of the Flood Mitigation Committee spoke about the extreme increases in the rates of flood insurance for their homes in the flood zone.

Orin Tempkin of 33 Cain Street said that his premium used to be a nuisance but now it is a real concern.  The current premium is $3,000 per year and it is increasing at a 25% annual rate.

The Committee would like to have Springfield join the Community Rating System which surrounding towns have done. This program would reevaluate the flood risk. Sam Mardini, Chief Engineer for the Township said, “The process to get in is rather lengthy, time consuming and costly.”  It is estimated that 300 homes in Springfield are affected.

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The consensus of the group was that at the very least the Township needs to force the County to clean up and clear the area under the Milltown Bridge. The water backs up because it can’t get downstream.  This was a big issue during hurricane Irene and resulted in damage.

The Township Committee will hold one meeting in August on August 15.