SHORT HILLS, NJ - Community Congregational Church in Short Hills is offering a free workshop for parents called “How to Volunteer with your Kids” on Sunday, October 16 at 12:00 p.m. The workshop was developed to provide parents with helpful information on raising children who care about and help other people. 

“All parents want their kids to grow up to be compassionate and generous people, but they often are unsure how to get their kids involved in hands-on community service,” says Dr. Johann Bosman, who will lead the workshop. “There tends to be a lot of uncertainty about what kind of volunteer work is the most effective and appropriate for kids, and even if you’ve found a great opportunity, getting your children to participate enthusiastically and without any arm-twisting can feel nearly impossible. That’s why this workshop was created - there are plenty of helpful tips and tools out there that can make volunteering with kids enjoyable, rather than a struggle.”

At the “How to Volunteer with Your Kids” workshop, parents will explore ways to: identify the most effective and engaging opportunities for their children to help others; excite their kids about serving their community; guide their children to start taking their own initiative to volunteer; and enhance each service activity by engaging kids in appropraite discussions and asking the right questions. 

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“This workshop is also a great way for like-minded parents with similar values to meet and learn from one another,” says Dr. Bosman. “The saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is true - and this is an opportunity for parents to find their ‘village,’ to develop a support system as they conscientiously raise their kids together.”

Dr. Johann Bosman has lived in Short Hills for the past twenty-five years, where he and his wife, Hannelie, have raised three children. He has worked extensively with children and youth in educational, sports, and religious settings. He also holds graduate degrees in psychology, specifically in the areas of behavioral, cognitive, and self psychology.

To register for this free workshop, and for more information on Community Congregational Church, visit and sign up online. The church is located at 200 Hartshorn Drive in Short Hills.