SPRINGFIELD, NJ – In a one-on-one interview with Jerry Fernandez, the new Springfield Republican Committee Chairman, we discussed some of the goals on his mind for the local Springfield Republican Party.

Fernandez served two terms on the Township Committee from 2010-2012 and 2014-2016 and in his final year on the Township Committee of Springfield  served as the Mayor.

Why did you become Chairman of the Springfield Republican Committee?

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I really want to energize and breathe new life into our local base of support. More hands make for a lighter load by getting as many people involved in the SRC and in our local, county, state government. I know many people like myself that are passionate about what’s going on and I want to harness that passion and make a difference.

What are some of your goals for the SRC?

One of my first goals to establish and start holding regular monthly meetings at the Chisholm Community Center. Of the registered voters in Springfield; roughly 25% are Republicans, 25% are Democrats and the remainder are Independents. However, the Springfield Democrat Committee has always been well organized.

Also, I want to meet with our district leaders and formalize our by-laws.

How do plan on reaching your base?

Our first three meetings will be held at the Chisholm Community Center at 100 S. Springfield Ave. We are meeting at 7:30 p.m. on July 20 and August 24

The Springfield Republican Committee Facebook page is up and I encourage everyone to like our page and stay informed.

Speaking of party politics in Springfield, what is your view on party politics at the local level?

Honestly, at the local level, party politics get in the way. There are no party issues that are addressed by the Township Committee. When it comes to Springfield, I care more about the town and the people than party politics because at the end of the day we are all neighbors and friends, politics shouldn’t divide us. As long as we can agree to disagree on issues, I’m ok with that. Finger pointing and name calling isn’t warranted or welcome at the local level.

Would you like to see the form of government change in Springfield?

Absolutely, even though I’m the chairman of the SRC, I would like to see nonpartisan elections in Springfield and keep the party politics out of our local government. The only way to accomplish this, is by voting in favor of the Charter Study that will be on the ballot this November. By voting for the Charter Study and voting for members to be on it if passed, we then can work to see what change in government we can bring and if any is needed. This hopefully could end the party system on the local level, change the election cycles so we do not have an election every year and allow the residents to vote for their own Mayor instead of allowing the committee to choose.