We need representatives on the Township Committee who will put Springfield’s safety and the safety of our kids first. That means heading off all potential threats, including the Pilgrim Pipeline, which would put our drinking water and kids at risk.

The Pilgrim Pipeline’s current path runs through two aquifers that provide drinking water for Springfield, cuts beneath our neighborhoods, and edges dangerously close to our schools and playgrounds.

As your representative on the Township Committee, I will work hard to protect our clean drinking water and neighborhoods. To start, I will immediately propose a resolution opposing the pipeline’s current route. In addition, I will work together with our representatives at the county level and in Trenton to keep the pipeline away from our neighborhoods and schools. Finally, I will coordinate with environmental groups to find smart solutions that will keep Springfield safe for years to come.

It’s vital that our representatives on the Township Committee take every threat to Springfield—and especially to our kids—seriously. I promise to always fight for Springfield, especially when our drinking water and kids’ safety is at stake. The Pilgrim Pipeline’s current route doesn’t work, and fighting to address the threat it poses is a smart solution that will keep all of Springfield safe.