SPRINGFIELD, NJ — The latest COVID-19 case figures show another small increase in Springfield, with just two new cases locally, although those figures are much smaller than the peak of cases earlier this year, According to figures released by Mayor Chris Capodice and the township.

The latest cumulative  COVID-19 total from Springfield was 277 positive tests and 22 deaths. Overall, Union County had 17 new cases of COVID-19 and 1 new death totaling 17,517 positive tests and 1,191 deaths. The State of New Jersey had 834 new cases of COVID-19 and 13 new deaths for a total of 200,988 positive tests and 14,291 COVID-19 related deaths.

Latest Hospitalization Numbers:

  • 459 patients are hospitalized
  • 90 patients are in critical care
  • 31 patients are on ventilators
  • 32 patients were discharged

"Our continued vigilance is critical to ensure we do not have an influx of infected persons," Capodice wrote in the update. "Masks are still a vital part of our daily routine. Springfield is only as strong as those who listen. We are all impacted when residents don’t follow the rules."