Union, NJ – Connecticut Farms students were treated to a special visit from actor John Amos, famous for his roles on 'Good Times', 'Roots', and 'Coming To America', on Friday.

Amos, a New Jersey native, was promoting his new children’s book, “A World Without Color”.  Amos shared stories of his early start in acting and spoke about his love for writing and his interest in writing for children.

“A World Without Color” is Amos’ first children’s book, but he has written for several TV shows, plays and movies.

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“A World Without Color” takes place in the fictional town of Bleakersville, a boring place where everything is gray. As the story progresses, color is brought into the world of mundane Bleakersivlle.  “When everything is the same, it gets to be pretty boring, but if you take the time to feel what others feel, you’ll start to see that it’s all the different colors in this world that make it so great,” said Amos.

Amos read aloud and encouraged students to ask questions and give their insight on the book. Students were even invited up to the microphone to read out loud to their classmates and teachers.  A second grade student helped drive the message of the book home when he told Amos, “the colors help show you the way people feel.”

“It’s a blessing coming back to my home state,” said Amos.

“It was a great honor to have a prominent writer and TV personality in our district to work with our students and staff,” said Superintendent of Schools Greg Tatum.  “I think it’s important to have people of his stature not to forget the impact they can make on our children.  He was down to earth and was welcoming of the students, answering questions and sharing stories. He was just a very nice man.”

Amos is scheduled to perform in his one-man show, “Halley’s Comet”, on October 7 at South Orange Middle School from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.