SHORT HILLS, NJ  – Heavy rains downed several power lines and street lights near the corner of Morris Turnpike and South Terrace in Short Hills. The incident occurred this morning when heavy rains damaged the poles. At approximately 5:55 am a band of heavy rain combined with 12 mph winds with gusts reaching 22 mph came through the area according to the National Weather Service. Both 20 minutes prior and 20 minutes after there were no noted winds and only light rain reported to bookended the fast moving system. 

The Millburn Police Department responded to the issue at the Morris Turnpike effecting both directions from the Benihana restaurant to the corner of South Terrace.  Drivers heading towards Morris Turnpike on South Terrace are encouraged to use West St. to get to Morris Turnpike.

No personal property was damaged but some area residents commented they have basement flooding due to the heavy rains. 

The forcast for Sunday doesn't call for any rain, but with temperatures soaring to 93 degrees the heat index looks to top 97 degrees. Light winds are expected throughout the day and evening.