UNION, NJ – Plans for the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Route 22, Route 82, Garden State Parkway Interchange Improvement Project is on schedule for the Summer of 2020.  Union residents and travelers will feel the impact of the construction and temporary detours.

NJDOT representatives will be available during a Public Information Center on Thursday, Jan. 18, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held in Town Hall, 1976 Morris Ave. 

According to the NJDOT’s Project Overview, the purpose of the project is to improve the safety, operation, and infrastructure on Route 22 and Route 82 (Morris Ave.) within the interchange limits and includes the following improvements:

  • Along Route 22 eastbound, an auxiliary lane is proposed between the exit ramp to Route 82 eastbound and the Lowe’s Shopping Center driveway, and the Route 22 eastbound over Route 82 bridge superstructure will be replaced.  The existing ramp from Route 22 eastbound to Route 22 westbound will be removed and the movement will be relocated to Route 82. 
  • Along Route 22 westbound, an auxiliary lane will be constructed between the entrance ramp from southbound Garden State Parkway and the exit ramp to Ingersoll Terrace/Route 82 eastbound.  To provide for the auxiliary lane, the Route 22 westbound bridge over Route 82 will be replaced with a wider structure.
  • On Route 82, the left turn from Ingersoll Terrace will be restricted and an exclusive left turn lane from Route 82 eastbound to Harding Avenue will be provided.  An auxiliary lane is proposed for the movement from Route 22 eastbound to Route 82 eastbound ramp and it will extend to the left turn ramp to the Lowe’s Shopping Center.
  • Pavement, reconstruction/resurfacing, drainage, signing, striping and lighting improvements will be made throughout the interchange.

NJDOT representatives will be at the Town Hall meeting to review exhibits and discuss issues with residents throughout the 2-hour session.