Hello All,

My name is Jeff Rosenberg and I’m running for a seat on the Springfield Township Committee.

I am honored to be able to be a candidate, running as an Independent. Why am I not part of a political party? Simply, it just doesn’t make any sense on the local level.  As we deal with downtown redevelopment, keeping property values high, traffic patterns, turf fields and the like – why would it matter what I think about abortion, immigration, income tax reform, etc.? These are all the things that a Republican or Democrat candidate at the state and/or federal level are concerned with.

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I have lived in this town for over 26 years. For many of those years I commuted to NYC for work. But every weekend was filled with little league, basketball, soccer, parades, park clean-ups and other town events with my children. Since my kids have grown, my wife Hope and I have had the time to give back to the town - whether it’s working with the Seniors, or helping during township emergencies, or on various issues/events around town. Currently, I teach, am a member of a couple of Boards and I help my wife run our local Century 21 real estate agency (which gives me a venue to fight to keep property values high). Now, I’m lucky enough that my schedule is very flexible and I’m able to give back to the community.

Every week, I am posting on my campaign Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JeffRosenbergforSpringfieldTownCouncil/    my thoughts, proposals and ideas regarding various issues around town, including: Local Ordinances and Fines, Text Alerts (and/or robocalls), Online Processing, Stop 'N' Shop, Garbage & Recycling, Property Taxes, Charter Study,  "Heavy" Traffic, Township Meetings, Commercial Trucks in your Driveway, Basketball Hoops, Downtown Redevelopment, and more...

Throughout the years I’ve seen what party politics has done in this town. Petty squabbles and disagreements for no other reason than siding with party masters. Good ideas get delayed and the public gets annoyed. That’s why my slogan is “No Party Politics.” This year, there are two Republicans and two Democrats on the Committee. If I win, it would be the only time in Springfield history (I think) that 1) an Independent won a seat, and 2) no political party had a controlling majority.

To take it a step further, I will be the only candidate that will be running a campaign sans a party backing, the only candidate to be running a campaign without asking for donations, and the only candidate to be running a campaign without littering the town with unsightly signs. I’m told that’s why I don’t have a chance of winning. But, just maybe, this will be the year of change…

I welcome all thoughts, questions and comments.

Jeff Rosenberg