Rake & Hoe Garden Club of Westfield is proud to honor member,Roberta Grecco on her 50th anniversary with the Club. At the Club’s January meeting, Roberta was presented with flowers and a cake enjoyed by all. She joined the Rake & Hoe Garden Club in 1967 or 15 years after a group of Westfield woman had formed a fledgling garden club. By the time Roberta joined, the Rake & Hoe Club was a vibrant club very involved with the community activities. 

Prior to the meeting Ms. Grecco provided a trip down memory lane sharing stories about past House Tours (then all day with morning and evening sessions)and craft fairs at the Masonic Temple (which are long gone). These projects all supported Club activities which supported community projects.  Bobbi continues to enrich Rake & Hoe with her many contributions and is an example of the many volunteers who grace the Club’s roster.

In addition to providing education, resources and networking to promote gardening and civic responsibility, community projects is at the heart of Rake & Hoe Garden Club. These projects include providing decorative services to the Jardine Academy of the Cerebral Palsy League, providing floral arrangements to veterans at Lyons Veterans Hospital, maintaining the gardens at the north side of the Westfield Train Station, the Miller-Cory House Museum, the Shadowlawn Pocket Park and the Claire Brownell Wildflower Garden at the Reeve History and Cultural Center of the Westfield Historical Society.

The Rake and Hoe Garden Club of Westfield is affiliated with the Garden Club of NJ and the National Garden Club, Inc.  If anyone is interested in joining the Club, please contact Pat Wilson at 908-389-9342 or for more information visit our website, rakeandhoe.org.