SPRINGFIELD, NJ — Even with social-distancing regulations in place, Santa Claus will still be coming to town next month. Here's how residents can see him in person.

Santa will be driving on the back of a Springfield Fire Department truck across town on Dec. 12, and if residents want him to come by their house then, all requests must be submitted by Dec. 5, which is this upcoming Saturday. If you would like Santa Claus to drive down your street, click here to submit your request.

The routes for Santa's journey will be designed to maximize viewership while considering residents’ safety. When viewing Santa's journey, please remember to remain physically distanced from neighbors, wear masks if you are not able to solely be around your immediate quarantine bubble, and do not congregate while you wait for Santa.

During the course of his ride on the 12th, Santa will remain on the Springfield Fire Department vehicle throughout his visits. He will make every effort to reach all of the requested streets, but in the event of emergency or weather factors, those may involve a change in plan to Santa's visits.