I believe that it is the Township Committee’s responsibility to ensure that the hard-earned money you pay in taxes is put to the best possible use. That is why I am committed to finding smart ways to save money that work for all of Springfield.

One commonsense way for us to save money while making our downtown more attractive is to retrofit out township utilities with solar panels. By partnering with Jersey Central Power and Light—one of the top solar installers in the nation—we can outfit our streetlights, traffic lights, and township buildings with solar panels completely free of charge. 

In addition to the environmental benefits of using more clean energy, installing solar panels will help keep property taxes in check by reducing Springfield’s energy costs. This will make Springfield more appealing to businesses, which will help further keep our property taxes sown. It will also help us maintain our certification as a Sustainable Jersey Community.

As someone who believes your representatives should work hard to save you money while improving our community, solarizing Springfield seems like a no brainer to me. Installing solar panels will cost us nothing and will allow us to spend less on energy while making our neighborhoods and downtown more beautiful for residents and more attractive to businesses. Another smart solution for all of Springfield.