SPRINGFIELD, NJ - On Tuesday June 20, Springfield’s Board of Zoning Adjustment met in Town Hall to discuss and evaluate several variance requests. These requests were brought before the board by five different town residents to be granted approval for a specific property expansion.

The property expansions included a lot coverage variance to add on a patio, a front yard variance of a portico, side yard and lot coverage variance additions, a side yard variance addition, and side yard and front yard and lot coverage variance additions.

These five variance requests were all evaluated, and approved by the board except for the fifth application of multiple additions in the side and front yard and also lot coverage variance additions.

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The reason for the Board’s denial of this eight hundred square foot variance request was that the residents plan was to add multiple additions to their home and create a large setback in their yard. The issue was not with the size of the home itself, but the size of the lot, which the Board felt would not be a proper fit if these new additions were to be made.

Although this request was ultimately denied, the Board has suggested they tweak their plans, and come before them again at the next board meeting on July 18 with an altered request in hope of approval.